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How long does a cough/cold last in a baby?

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mummalish Tue 02-Dec-08 11:08:01

Please can someone offer some advice, as I am at my wits end. My 4 month old baby has had runny poo's for 11 days now, and a nasty, chesty cough for 7 days, the cough has gotten worse. We went to the gp when it started and had the usual checks, told me it was just a virus and it would run it's course.

On the weekend we went to a&e as he was beside himself, and so obviously unwell. The docs checked him over and reassured me.

He has no temperature, but is very clearly miserable and is up coughing and spluttering all day and night. His runny poo's have not stopped either.

At what point to I go back to the doctor? How can a cold just get worse and worse, and nothing can be done?

I am so desperate for this poor little chap to feel better. i have tried elevating him when he sleeps, vapourising the room etc.

Thanks in advance.

Madsometimes Tue 02-Dec-08 11:38:38

A cold in a baby is a rotten thing, they need lots of cuddles and do not expect them or you to get very much sleep. I am guessing from your post that you took your baby to the GP last Tuesday and to A&E on Saturday or Sunday, so if he is still very poorly you could take him back to the GP today or tommorow if you are still worried.

I would not be embarressed about taking your baby back to the doctor if you think he is not getting any better.

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