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Earache in 3 year old

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jackieglyn Tue 25-Nov-08 13:49:57

My 3 eyar old had an earache from 8.00pm last night and was awake crying until about 3.00am with it.

She woke this morning and said its gone whrn I asked her. I want to buy something from the chemist incase it happens again tonight.

Any ideas?

misshardbroom Tue 25-Nov-08 14:34:45

Might be wrong, but I think the chemist will just advise you to dose up on Calpol / baby Nurofen / both.

If it happens again, go to your doctor as it's possible she's got an ear infection. If any goo starts oozing out of the ear then I'd say you've definitely got one, and it's possible even that the eardrum has perforated.

If it's perforated, you'll get antibiotics and instructions not to swim / hairwash for x number of weeks. But my GP friend tells me that you should go back to the doctors after 6 weeks and get them to look down the ear and check that the perforation has healed properly.

Hope this is helpful. Can you tell how I spend my winters with ds1??!

wideratthehips Wed 26-Nov-08 21:07:52

my ds has terrible earache at the moment which is worse at night time...dr refuses to give him antibiotics. has said that if he still has it one the fifth day they might consider treatment.

i'm 7 months pregnant with 21mth ds2 and nobody is having any sleep.

only treatment is pain relief, but he is thoroughly miserable as we all are

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