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Please come & talk to me about MMR side effects

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Rindercella Mon 24-Nov-08 16:12:08

Apologies in advance - I know there are already lots of threads on this, but I just need some reassurance please. My 15mo DD had her MMR 2 weeks ago. A few days ago she developed a temperature (highest was about 39.5 degrees). That has now gone, but she then she developed a rash all over her torso, face, neck and legs. Although she is eating, her appetite is definitely diminished.

These side effects are not uncommon as I understand. But there are a couple of other things which concern me. She is quite unsteady on her feet. From being a really confident walker (the nurse who gave her the MMR even commented on this), she now totters more and seems slightly off-balance, often falling down. She has also gone from being a fab sleeper (has slept thru' 12 hours for months now) to being nigh on impossible to get to sleep in the evening and then waking several times in the night & just screeching for me. She has also gone from being a very happy little girl to really quite miserable.

I have booked a doctor's appointment for tomorrow, but was looking to see if anyone else's DC had experienced similar following the MMR. I feel really upset about this. Before she had it I had no doubts at all that it was the right thing to do. But now I am just thinking what the hell have I done to my DD.
Also, we go on holiday on Saturday and now I feel worried that she won't be up to the journey (8 hour flight).

Rindercella Mon 24-Nov-08 16:44:10


beeper Mon 24-Nov-08 19:10:55

I am sorry that this has happend to you. Your doctor will tell you that it is nothing to do with the vaccine. I would suggest that you push really hard to make him send a yellow card to the vaccine reactions place.

Firstly my DS1 had a terrible reaction, pretty much like you are describing. He never got his booter. He had random fevers for over 10 weeks and after many visits the doctors told me to go to a homeopath, but they still denied it was the MMR.

It could be a long shot but the rubella part of the vaccine is well known for causing arthritus, you Lo could have swollen joints or pain that is causing her to walk funny.

I would take this as a RED FLAG that things dont go well with your LO vaccination wise and that you hold off getting any more untill you know what exactly is going on. Vaccines are not risk free at all, infact they carry many risks.

Pro vax people will come on and tell you its all normal reactions...but you know your child and know that its not normal.

I am including a link for you to a site that gathers news about MMR and other vaccine risks and reactions you could start there.


I would think about going to a homeopath, my son was anti-doted and got lots better.


Rindercella Mon 24-Nov-08 21:50:36

Thanks Beeper. Thanks too for the link. It'll be interesting to see what the GP says tomorrow.

Feeling like crap though. All you ever do is try to do the best for your child. I thought I was doing that by her having the MMR. Really, really upset about this.

beeper Mon 24-Nov-08 21:57:51

Let me know how it goes.

pinkmunkee Tue 25-Nov-08 11:17:29

Hi Rindercella, I am sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. This may be too late, as you may already have been to the Dr.s, but wanted to say that my DS (similar age) goes wobbly on his feet when he has an ear infection or is generally under the weather and he soon recovers once it's passed so don't panic. Our MMR is this Friday- agh!

Hope all goes well at GP

Rindercella Tue 25-Nov-08 16:02:49

Just an update following our visit to the GP.

Beeper, you were quite right and the doctor refused point blank that she could've had a reaction to the MMR. He said that it was too long after the jabs for that to have been the cause. She had her MMR 2 weeks ago today. It's funny as every thing I have read and everyone I have spoken to have said that if there was going to be a reaction it would be 7 - 10 days after the injections. hmm

What he did say is that she had 'infantile rubella' (not the same as German measles apparently) and also an ear infection (so you were absolutely right there pinkmunkee).

I am still very hmm about all of this as it just seems too much of a coincidence that all this happened after the MMR. Thankfully DD does seem much brighter now and even slept through last night (thank God!!).

I just don't understand why GPs would not want to correctly diagnose the illness? It cannot be in the child's best interest surely?

pinkmunkee Tue 25-Nov-08 17:35:39

Very frustrating, Rinders (thanks for the update). I am sure at the very least that the jab weakened your DD's immune system and made her more vulnerable to other illnesses. We had a similar thing with DS's 12 week immunisation- he got constipated and stopped sleeping well, from the DAY of the injection but apparently that was all one big coincidence! I too have heard the thing re 7-10 days with MMR but they are so desperate for parents not to be put off the jabs they won't admit anything, I reckon.

At least you know what it is now and can be sure she will get better, rather than worrying when it will end. Glad last night was better- long may it continue! smile

micku5 Tue 25-Nov-08 17:46:58

my daughter's immunologist told me that if dd2 does have any reactions to MMR it's likely to be 7-21 days after she has had the jab.

She is booked to have it on thursday at the loal hospital. Fingers crossed as I have already had to cancel twice due to illness.

beeper Tue 25-Nov-08 19:34:02

What a GIT. Shes not got bloody infant rubella she has probably got rubella, its just his or her way of covering up a vaccine failure. My son got meales off the vaccine as he had been so run down, I saw a week when he had been well and got him jabbed, I now regret it. You need to keep and eye on your daughter, I would suggest increasing her vitamin c alot, and also dont rule out going to a homeopath. I have heard this story so many times, you have been blessed that your Los reaction was not that severe.

Be warned they are trying to do three doses of the MMR in some areas. If I were you I would never let her have the MMR again.

fledtoscotland Tue 25-Nov-08 20:43:41

rindercella - didnt your HV tell you that a rash can appear on the torso about 10days after the 1st mmr? i was warned about that and also that DS may get swollen glands about 15days after the injection. She said that it was just the body's immune response to the vaccine. It wouldnt warrent a yellow card being sent by the GP as its a know side effect

Rindercella Tue 25-Nov-08 21:36:23

Thanks to everyone for their replies. I really do feel that the GP totally fobbed me off today. I am daft really. I should not have started our conversation with "DD had her MMR 2 weeks ago today and I think she has had an adverse reaction". What I should've done was describe all of her symptoms, show him the rash & then, when asked, drop in the MMR bit.

I have been googling (dangerous, I know) this tonight with quite disturbing results. I mentioned in my first post (and also to the GP), DD screeching in the night (something she never normally does). This could well have been 'cri encephalique', which can occur with neurological damage from vaccines.

Actually, the more I think about this, the more totally, totally fucked off I am feeling. My daughter was 9lb 9oz at birth, and has pretty much stayed on 91st percintile throughout. She has been exculsively breastfed from birth, has never been seriously ill (think I have taked her to dr once before this when she had a very high temp a few months ago, but did not have an infection). She's fit, healthy, active, smiley, has done all of the 'right' things at the 'right' time (or just before, <<proud mum emoticon>>). Thank God she now appears to be coming back to her usual happy self. The last 5 days or so have been an absolute fecking nightmare and I have wondered what the hell have I done to my beautiful DD. After this there is no way I would allow her to have the MMR at 3.5 years. I will opt for her to have the single vaccines privately (thankfully we are in a position where this is not a problem, what would we do if it wasn't??).

Beeper, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me more about what a homeopath could/would do in this situtation? Is it something that needs to be addressed immediately? We are due to go on holiday on Saturday for 2 weeks. Would any remedies help her on our return? (I know there is a homeopath in our village).

Thanks again to everyone. And sorry for my rant. I just love my DD so much and am mad at myself that she could suffer long term problems from this.

Rindercella Tue 25-Nov-08 21:43:30

Fled, yes, the nurse who administered the mmr said that the side effects could include a temperature followed by a rash 7-10 days after the jab. I was prepared for this. What I wasn't prepared for was everything else I listed above. What I also wasn't prepared for was the GP saying that a reaction to the mmr would never occur so long after the injection - it would be within 24-48 hours. Everything I have seen contradicts this (which I did say, but was dismissed).

beeper Wed 26-Nov-08 15:04:25

I understand the guilt trippy thing, been through it all, but at this stage it would be better for all of you to dump it. If you are angry then channel it into looking into vaccines and finding out the TRUTH and this is not what your local GP will tell you, its not that they are trying to decieve you its just because they are like everyone else, they just believe the hype. Most people think that becasue their child does not react within the set time then vaccines are ok and they pour scorn on those who choose not to vax. However if anyone has ever bothered to read the medical contraindications that come with a dose of MMR or any other vaccine they would see that NO vaccines have EVER been tested to see if they cause cancer or affect fertility. They also list many other side effects.

Yes our children might be ok right now, but what about when they get to 10,20, 50. You just can not inject aluminium and other poisons into the body and expect to 'get away with it'.

I would see how she is and then maybe see a hoemeopath (a good one) see if you can get a reccomendation.

There is vaccine dangers group on yahoo, and the nurse who runs it is a properly trained homeopath. You have to join first saying why you want to join. She does give out advice but there are others on there like you whos kids have been at the sharp end.

They 'cri encephalic' is that high pitch crying that goes on and on for hours, they also say three hours of that is acceptable to. I would say your LO was crying fromt the ear infection. Try not to give her anti biotics, infact dont as her immune system will be down already and it will push it down further, treat the ear infection with warm olive oil dropped into the ear, put plenty of vit c and garlic in her diet and give her something warm to put against her ear.

Hope she gets better soon and you have a good holiday.

Beachcomber Wed 26-Nov-08 15:23:38

Hope things are continuing to improve for your DD Rindercella.

My DD had a bad reaction to her DTP five years ago. Our doctor first tried to claim that it was nothing to do with the vaccine and then when forced to accept otherwise tried to downplay the seriousness of her reaction.

I would dose your DD up with plenty of vitamin C and vitamin A (don't go overboard though, check with a chemist) to help her through this.

I think you are right to be very cautious about any other vaccines for your DD.

Beachcomber Wed 26-Nov-08 15:25:59

Also agree that you need to be cautious with antibiotics and also paracetemal. Both are documented as worsening vaccine reactions.

novax Thu 23-Sep-10 08:52:15

Message deleted

brimfull Thu 23-Sep-10 09:06:07

Rindercella- sorry your dd is unwell atm.
My ds was very ill after his mmr. He had it at 2yrs cos I ws dithering about it.

Weeks and weeks of rashes/fevers/malaise/coughs ,so much so that we never gave him the booster. Gp didn't question out decision at all.

I did take him to homeopath afterwards as I was a bit desperate for help , normally think this sort of thing is crap.

ANywya he eventually recovered bout 2 months after the mmr.

novax Thu 23-Sep-10 09:09:03

Message deleted

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 23-Sep-10 09:13:24

Two years old thread people. Hopefully Rinders DD is better by now.

mousymouse Thu 23-Sep-10 09:27:47

novax - scaring people is not on. vaccines are safe and effective, but as with all medicines everyone reacts differently.

op, you can report the reaction here

read the package leaflet here

nightcat Thu 23-Sep-10 11:27:27

with you on this beeper, a/bs advice & all;
Rinders, homeopathy can def help with ear infection and this often follows jabs, just hope it doesn't get worse. I get so mad when all this gets dismissed as a virus - wouldn't that be the virus they have been injected with by any chance?? But drs won't admit it, ever.

nightcat Thu 23-Sep-10 11:28:46

PS. I never gave my ds any more jabs after the first one.

SayItWithWine Thu 23-Sep-10 23:22:12

As this post has risen like a phoenix I thought I'd post this for general information re MMR aftereffects

narmada Sat 25-Sep-10 22:56:22

Rindercella I am glad your DD seems to be on the mend after her (and your) scare. It must have been frightening. I am a supporter of vaccination, I have to make that totally clear right now - I know others on here will feel differently. It could be a reaction to the vaccination, I am sure. But it could also be a chance exposure to any number of diseases which are wild in the community. There is just no way of knowing, really.

Can I make one additional plea? Please do not waste time, energy or hope on homeopathy, particularly not homeopathy that claims to be some kind of detox from vaccination or vaccine alternative. People who peddle this nonsense are either dishonest, or scientifically ill-informed. I am sorry if it sounds harsh but in my opinion, and in that of many others, that is the truth.

Homeopathic treatment only ever consists of sugar and water pills. It has been thoroughly disproven in scientific trials. Homeopathy is not the same as herbal medicines, which can be effective, but you probably know that anyway.

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