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Vitamins for a very fussy 20 month old?

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biscuitytrousers Tue 18-Nov-08 13:34:02

My 20 month old DD is a very fussy eater. She is ok with cereal, has a lot of milk and generally loves fruit but i can't get her to eat veggies, meat or fish and she picks at most things. I'm wondering whether I ought to be giving her supplements? Does anyone know? If so is there a particular one I should go for? I think sanatogen does an omega 3/6/9 (?) fish oil capsule too - anyone know if it's worth using that? Thanks v much in advance.

biscuitytrousers Tue 18-Nov-08 14:44:22


Mammina Tue 18-Nov-08 15:46:18

I would check with HV/GP. My 21 month old is a VERY fussy eater, can't get her to eat veg, has fruit only by drinking smoothies or raisins, and only eats ham and the occasional sausace - she loves fish though. She's been underweight etc etc so was referred to a dietician - the dietician told me to give her minadex (it says it's for children who have been ill but she specifically wanted me to give her that bec. it contains iron as well as vitamins)

biscuitytrousers Tue 18-Nov-08 21:19:08

thanks v much, migola - will check it out tomorrow.

Mammina Tue 18-Nov-08 22:07:43

no probs

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