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6 month old who doesnt hold his head up when on his front

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A1designer Tue 04-Nov-08 12:23:26

I was wondering if anyone could help. My son is now 6 months old and doesnt really like being on his front, hence when he is on his front doesnt hold his head and shoulders up off the floor and Im a little worried. I think the problem is that Ive been told he has very strong legs and when he does go on his front he lifts his bum up and moves his legs under his body. Should I try and make him do some exercises to make his shoulder stringer. Ive never put him on his front a lot as I mentioned early because he doesnt like it but i now I think I should have!! Please help, I dont know what to do!!!

yomellamoHelly Tue 04-Nov-08 12:41:55

I would demand a referral to a paed. Or if you can afford it find a physio with experience of working with children and get their input straight away as an interim measure (you may have to wait a fair while if you wait for gps etc..).
My gut feeling is that he should be doing this. My son is very delayed and struggles with this too, but he's 22 months and we've been told he has CP.
In the meantime I'd continually put him on his front and when he rolls over gently return him (leading him with his legs first). To help him I'd lock his elbows at shoulder height or slightly higher with your fingers and try and encourage him to look up. We've also been advised to apply some oblique pressure (up and out) to the fronts of his shoulders to get him to lock his shoulders to help him raise his head. (I feel like I need 3 pairs of hands to do this though tbh.) You could also get a towel and roll it up and slide it under his chest to make it slightly easier for him to be on his front. Also place toys in front of him while you're doing this, preferrably raised slightly if possible. Otherwise, if there's nothing funny going on with his back (my son has a scoliosis) you could also do lots of row row the boat pulling him up from the floor with his hands and lowering him again to develop his neck control.
Not sure what else to suggest. But please don't leave it. I feel I let ds2 down badly by leaving it to go on for so long.

likessleep Tue 04-Nov-08 13:10:17

What is he like when he has a rolled up towel under the top of his chest? This might help (almost as though he will look as if he is climbing over the towel IYSWIM).

chipmonkey Tue 04-Nov-08 13:52:00

A1, my ds4 is 6 months and also hates being on his front. He does make a sort of effort to keep his head up but looks as if he'd really rather not. I have started putting him on his front a bit more but do feel cruel doing it! Does your ds hold his head up if upright? Is he beginning to be able to stay sitting up?

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