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Any tips for easing earache?

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Buda Mon 03-Nov-08 17:48:40

DS has a cold and has been complaining of sore ears since we got home from school. I gave him Nurofen at about 4.30. Still complaining on and off (although well enough to get around me to let him watch wrestling!).

Any tips for easing the pain for him? Obv can't give more Nurofen till around midnight. DH is away too of course.

I seem to remember heat being good? Don't have a hot water bottle though.

claricebean Mon 03-Nov-08 18:00:52

Yes, heat is good. A hot water bottle or one of those microwavable wheat bag things. You can give paracetomol as well as nurofen which should give some relief (though nurofen is better as it's anti-inflammatory).

Buda Mon 03-Nov-08 19:05:40

Thanks claricebean. Unfortunately no hot water bottles, no wheat bag things and no paracetamol!

I think it will have to be warm flannels if necessary tonight and I will get a hot water bottle tomorrow - if they have such things here in Budapest! Have never seen one although have never needed to look!

He seems ok now. Fingers crossed he stays that way. Have already told him he is not going to school tomorrow - he is not happy!

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