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DS has a rash on bum and legs, what could it be?

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ILickYourSlimySleeves Sun 02-Nov-08 22:18:54

I noticed that DS has a rash on his bum cheeks on Friday, tiny non raised red spots on his cheeks and a larger red mark where the edge of his nappy is on his leg. I'm not sure if it's nappy rash as he had this ages ago and it was between his bum cheeks, not on the actual cheeks themselves. Tonight I noticed that these tiny red spots are on his legs too but nowhere else on his body. He doesn't have a temperature but his appetite has really lessened over the past few days and he got his 6th tooth yesterday too, could the rash be related to teething? He has been quite grumpy but has still been playing with his toys and been laughing etc at times.

Can anyone help? Oh he just started nursery this week too, wondering if he could've picked something up?

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