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mumsnet towers I can't believe no one's asked this before but

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blueskyandsunshine Sun 02-Nov-08 17:49:53

please can we have a separate topic on vaccination?

this subject obtrudes everywhere -- allergies, weaning reactions, in the news etc

it's so huge that a separate heading is needed surely

I mean the weaners and flouncers and twaddlers have them despite the fact that there are specialist sites elsewhere (well maybe not the flouncers)

it would stop us irritating everybody else and it would get far more attention and interest than many others

garn you know it makes sense

blueskyandsunshine Sun 02-Nov-08 18:11:02

I KNOW I'm not the only one.. it's amazing there isn't a vaccination heading ..

maybe there's a bit of nervousness about it?

MurderousMarla Sun 02-Nov-08 18:12:37

Yes please - I use the search but would be great to have everything in one place, I am currently trying to decide on MMR/singles and there are threads all over the place.

theSuburbanDryad Sun 02-Nov-08 18:12:43

Nope - i completely agree! I would have found a vaccinations topic v useful when ds was tiny!

Bluesky - why don't you try reposting in Site Stuff?

blueskyandsunshine Sun 02-Nov-08 18:21:44

thanks SD have just done it smile

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