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Sickness and drowsiness.

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SmallShips Sun 02-Nov-08 15:18:03

DS (2) was sick in the night, (didn't know till this morning, as he either threw up in his sleep or went straight down again without crying). Was sick once more after we got him up and has been asleep all day on the sofa only waking up to moan for 10 seconds a couple of times, then crashing out again.

The few times hes woken up i gave him water, which hes kept down.

At what point do i worry about too much sleep and too little water?

He hasnt got diarrohea btw.

SweetApril Sun 02-Nov-08 22:12:51

Hi smallships. My DD 19 months has had similar symptoms today although with a temperature too. Ended up at the hospital (due to a panicky out of hours GP who we phoned for advice mainly because of the sleepiness). They thought probably a viral infection and said just to give regular sips of water whenever she was awake. She was a bit more perky tonight although still has a high temp in spite of calpol. Perhaps a bug doing the rounds... Hope your DS is feeling a bit better.

SmallShips Mon 03-Nov-08 10:46:53

DS had a temp all day yesterday too, calpol helped though. Hes alot perkier today, has stopped vomitting, but its now coming out the other end.

He's having a pyjama day on the sofa.

Hope you're DD is feeling better too SweetApril.

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