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Any doctors about to talk to me about stomach problems in children please? I've really scared myself.

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used2bthin Sun 02-Nov-08 14:26:03

DD is two and is steroid dependant. At 7 months she vomited blood three times in the space of a month, twice quite dramatically and ended up in hospital a few days each time. She was then prescribed ranitidine and it was thought that she had torn her stomach by vomiting hard, or that the steroids had worn away at her stomach lining. She was ok till fairly recently when she started being sick again just a small amount, sort of a reflux thing. So her ranitidine was doubled and all ok again. But last week she got a sick bug and we were in hospital for this (because of her steroid dependancy we have to be in hopsital for sick bugs etc) and she vomited blood again. The doctor said it was from being sick violently again but why would that happen again and when she is already on the ranitidine which I thought was to prevent it? The doctrs at hospital seemed very unconcerned but I am worried especially as I read about a child with DD's condition who died of an ulcer and another seemingly healthy child in my area has recently died due to tearing her stomach because of a sick bug. Please help reassure me if you can?

used2bthin Sun 02-Nov-08 14:37:25

Should've said anyone medical didn't mean specifically doctors, oops. Anyway I may have to go as am borrowing my Dads laptop as dd broke mine so won't be back on for a while. So if I do get responses then don't respond myself then that is why!

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