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Signs of top teeth coming through?

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frans Wed 29-Oct-08 21:46:49

DD's bottom teeth started coming through 3 weeks ago, and I think her top teeth may be coming through - her cheeks are getting rough, her nappy rash has come back and she's getting v. fussy. I can't see the top teeth coming through yet but they seem to have pushed forward - I can clearly see their imprints in the front of her top gum. Does this signify imminent teeth? And did anyone else's DC's top teeth follow the bottom set so quickly? Shes 6 1/2 months, BTW. Thanks!

bubblagirl Thu 30-Oct-08 08:11:47

my ds teeth came through all over the place at 6 mths one after the other

give neurofen for pain as calpol just doesnt seem to touch it

but yes sounds like the top teeth are making there way

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