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Thermometers - which one - please help

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Bezagirl Wed 29-Oct-08 19:54:11

Please could you tell me which thermometers you have tried. I was thinking about the one which goes in the ear, but know they are expensive. Are they more accurate?
Any advice please?

BigAxeToChopOffYourThread Wed 29-Oct-08 20:02:01

we have one that goes in the ear. a friend bought it for us as a 'new baby' present. it has been a godsend!

twentynine Wed 29-Oct-08 20:02:29

They are more accurate and most importantly you don't have to get a squally child to sit still for a minute or more. The forehead ones are complete pants.

Also bear in mind for the in ear ones you need a different cover for each child and you need to clean them. We use a digital underarm one. Takes a minute but it is very accurate. Annoying beep though!

Bezagirl Thu 30-Oct-08 21:16:23

Hi Thanks for your replies
BigAxe which one did your friend buy you? I am now thinking about Braun.

BigAxeToChopOffYourThread Fri 31-Oct-08 09:31:00

We have a braun thermoscan. (i think) its very good. It came with a box of those plastic cap things to put over the end for each person. We have had it for 3 years and have not run out of caps and have not needed to change the batteries, despite ds's love of taking temperature's :-)i would recommend it, though i am biased, and haven't tried any others :-)

EachPeachPearMum Fri 31-Oct-08 09:34:59

We got the braun in-ear one after dd had so many ear infections.
By noticing the smaller changes in temp (not registering on a forehead thermometer)we have managed to catch 3 or 4 infections early, and save her a lot of pain!

SamJones Fri 31-Oct-08 12:16:15

FYI - while ds was in hospital recently I asked why the nurses were not using digital ear thermometers (at the time getting underarm readings was very difficult) - and was told that they are not licenced as accurate for children due to the anatomical differences - ear canal size etc. But then why does my GP use them?
I have to admit that with the one I had (Braun), I found it difficult to get consistent readings, so didn't replace it when it broke.
I trust my oral one much more, and luckily my dc are old enough to be sensible with that!

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