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Please advice, getting really worried about thin child with stomach complaints

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MrsSnape Tue 28-Oct-08 16:57:39

My 7 year old son is extremely skinny. There is no fat on him at all, just skin, bone and a bit of muscle. He's so thin that no trousers fit him unless they have one of those adjustable waists and he can still get into age 2-3 pants (but he is the normal height for a 7 year old).

His chest bone sticks RIGHT out so you can not only feel it, but actually see it.

Nurse has said he IS underweight but not to a worrying level (he weighs 3 stone).

BUT he is also having a lot of stomach complaints. He constantly says he has a stitch towards the side of his stomach (alternate sides) and he often has diarheah ... but he eats like a horse.

Is it anything to worry about or should I get it looked into? he's VERY lively so it doesn't seem to be affecting his health (other than these stitches).

CombustiblePumpkin Tue 28-Oct-08 17:09:25

Is he worse after certain foods? The weight thing wouldn't bother me too much as you've said he is active etc- I could only wear dungarees as a child as I had no hips, but god I've found them now! The loose stools and 'stitch' pains as a constant thing doesn't sound good.

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