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ds is really poorly, is anyone elses children like this at the mo?

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cheeryface Tue 28-Oct-08 16:56:33

ds started with a really bad headache and temp last night. calpol and nurofen werent really making much difference and i took him to A & E this morning.
while we were there he perked up a little and they did a blood test, said it was viral and to go home and rest.

he was looking awful again just now and his temp is 39.1

i have just given him some more nurofen. should i be doing anything else?

He looks so poorly. it was only January of this year when he was like this and they said it was flu

cocoleBOO Tue 28-Oct-08 16:58:59

My DD was very poorly a couple of weeks ago, dizzy head making her sick and generally felling rough, including a very sore head. It lasted 2-3 days.

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