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First set of jabs - how did your 8 wk old react?

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milkmoustache Mon 27-Oct-08 20:53:58

DS had his first go today and 3 hours later was howling and completely miserable. After the permitted dose of Calpol he's asleep, but I have no idea what to expect tonight - does post-immunisation fever last for ages or could he sleep it off? DD didn't react at all to hers so I really have no sense of how grim it could be...

CDMforever Tue 28-Oct-08 20:36:23

Hi milky, my 8 week old had very similar reaction to what you describe and then was absolutely fine. If it's any consolation, the nurse said that the first immunisations are always the worst.

bluebump Wed 29-Oct-08 19:01:49

I'm a bit late to this but I just thought i'd say my DS was the same - he cried at the time of the jabs then came home and was his usual smiley self, he then went to sleep and woke up screaming and didn't stop for 1/2 hour! I panicked and called DP home and rang the doctors who prescribed him a paracetamol pessary which we put in him, only for him to do a poo about 15 mins later! It seemed to do the trick and he calmed down after that when he was with DP (I think he could sense me stressing out!) His legs were fairly swollen where the jabs had been and this caused him some discomfort for a night but after that he was fine.

He's got his next lot next week and i'm already dreading it!

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