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what would you do

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justgotbfp Mon 27-Oct-08 20:10:35

ds has hand foot and mouth. he has at least 2 ulcers in his mouth, one of which is on the roof of his mouth. He won't show me to see if any more are there or not. He is miserable and in a foul mood. Yesterday all we got into him was about 3/4 iceblock, 1-2 spoons ice cream, 1/2 of one of those small tetra juices with straws, and about 1/2 c gelato. He did drink a little through the night but less than a cup. He normally has an incredible bladder as it is but last remember him weeing yesterday morning, though he is wriggling around in typical need to go type way now (is morning here again). His lips are moist and though he is sleepy and grumpy he is responsive. This morning he has had about 1/2 c unset cold jelly and about the same of gelato. Would you be worried about dehydration or ride it out a bit more. I would like to avoid taking him in as he will just kick up big time and we will have to put him in a head lock for a doctor to look at his mouth and it will all be traumatic for everyone involved so what would you do (sorry it is so long) He is 4

MatNanPlus Mon 27-Oct-08 20:12:56

Keep a close eye on his hydration and urination and see how he is hour by hour.

justgotbfp Mon 27-Oct-08 20:21:53

thanks matnanplus, what else other than urination do I need to watch for with hydration, he won't drink today but I am having some success with that hydrating enough?

MatNanPlus Mon 27-Oct-08 20:26:39


Moist mouth and eyes tho not the nose wink and if they start to look dry then i would make the trip.

mumonthenet Mon 27-Oct-08 20:31:30

ride it out a bit more.

even a teaspoon of water/juice/jelly/icecream every 10 mins will help enormously. And takes the pressure off him a little?

Poor ds - what's the treatment?

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