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I'm assuming DD has the teething sh1ts!

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RGPargy Sun 26-Oct-08 00:43:44

DD has got really watery diahroea (sp, sorry blush) and has had it since last night. She has got at least 2 front top teeth that are really bulging and on the verge of breaking through the gums so i'm assuming she's got the runs because of her teeth. She's drinking her milk ok (not quite as much as usual but not too much less than normal) but isn't that interested in her food.

i think all of this is normal for teething but have decided that if her stools are no better by monday morning then i will take her to the GP.

Would you agree?

RGPargy Sun 26-Oct-08 09:17:39


ledodgy Sun 26-Oct-08 09:18:39

It sounds like she's got a bit of a bug. As long as she's taking some liquid I wouldn't worry.

RGPargy Sun 26-Oct-08 09:28:23

thanx - i'm thinking the same thing actually. still no change this morning. hmm

mamijacacalys Sun 26-Oct-08 09:29:03

My DD always had the runs plus really bad nappy rash when teething.

RGPargy Sun 26-Oct-08 10:01:06

DD has had the runs before with nappy rash but it has only lasted for one or two poos so i'm inclined to think that it might be a bug because she's been pooing for England and it absolutely reeks and is just yellow and watery!

I'm hoping i'm wrong tho and it is just teething.

RGPargy Sun 26-Oct-08 20:33:31

Poor little DD is still not right in the poo department. I tried her on a bit of diaralite but she just drank a few mouthfuls and then started gagging on it! Obviously tastes horrible then!

Phone call to the doctor's tomorrow morning i think!

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