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Cutting a baby's hair - tips?

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spicemonster Thu 23-Oct-08 15:46:35

My DS's hair is growing into a natural mullet which is not the look I was hoping for.

Did you cut your child's hair yourself? Any tips? Or should I take him to the hairdresser? He is 20months and doesn't really like being fiddled about with so I'm a bit worried about stabbing him in the head with scissors. Oh and I would like it trimmed, not a number 2

MamaHobgoblin Thu 23-Oct-08 21:12:16

My ds is 7 months and has now had 3 haircuts! sad Not that I like the short-back-and-sides look, and he hasn't got that now, but he came out hairy and it was down past his eyes and bothering him before I did anything about it!

It takes two of us for safety - one to distract/hold still, and one to snip. Used normal hairdressing scissors, you could use rounded nailcutting ones if you were really worried, but IMO it'd take three times as long and you'd have more of a chance of him moving.

Did it in the bath - easier when wet - I held up locks and snipped more or less randomly. He still looks ok! Didn't want a bowl-haircut...

spicemonster Fri 24-Oct-08 17:47:08

Thank you - that's very helpful. I'm on my own most of the time so I think I'll wait till next week when my mum comes to help out

I need to get hairdressing scissors

Lizzzombie Fri 24-Oct-08 17:52:05

I took mine to the barbers when he was about 18 months old, £5 and a packet of chocolate buttons got him looking more like a little boy and less like Shirley Temple. The barber was adament he didn't want to touch it with clippers and just neatend it up nicely around the ears and around the back.

I tried to do this myself recently.
My DS now looks like a medival monk with big chunks of straight cutting across the top of his ears.
£5 is worth paying imo! (As soon as it grows back a bit I'll take him back to the barbers!) blush

moocowme Mon 27-Oct-08 19:52:31

run your fingers through his hair and anything that sticks up above finger hight chop off. i do DS hair in sections while he watches tv. gets rid of all those long whispy bits that way.

ranting Mon 27-Oct-08 20:02:06

I took dd to the hairdressers at the age of 5 months (had to, she couldn't see past the fringe and was beginning to resemble something from Michael Bentines' potty time). Was too terrified to do it myself and she was fine, just read her a book while she sat on my lap.

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