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silver in DC's eyes from camera flash

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surprisenumber3 Tue 21-Oct-08 16:22:26

Have read several threads on this lately and am hoping all the DC's involved are doing well.

Just been showing DS2 his baby photos and on all his newborn photos he has a silvery light in the pupil of one eye, even when he's not looking at the flash. I never noticed it at the time but if I had I would have been sure to get it checked out!

He's nearly 5 now so hopefully I would know if it was anything.

Has anyone else noticed this on newborn pics?

crackpotdog Tue 21-Oct-08 22:03:54

no, and dont wanna scare you but saw some1 on gmtv about something similar a while back, although not sure what colour the eye had turned in the photo, some1 had noticed something to do with appearance of eye on photo of a friends child on the internet, she had read somewhere it was a sign of a lesion? child checked out and it was a lesion but all fine now? fingers x'd i've got it all wrong. xxxxx

surprisenumber3 Wed 22-Oct-08 00:13:24

yes, it can be a sign of retinoblastoma, which sadly one of my friends nieces had. She is doing well now though.

He hasn't had this silvery reflection apparent on photos since he was newborn, but if I had noticed it at the time I would have been worried sick! He is almost 5 and he is fine.

chipmonkey Wed 22-Oct-08 00:29:45

surprisemumber3, has he ever had an eye check? Generally with newborns, at their first check up the paed looks for a "red reflex" in the pupil and would refer if the reflex were white or silver but it is better to check if you're not sure.

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