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4 months old - green poo

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newmum1973 Mon 20-Oct-08 23:43:58

I have a four month old daughter and has been passing green poo since she was a month old. Have been to the doctor but he says nothing to owrry. She is exclusively breast fed. Does anyone has a similar experience or suggestions?

ClaudiaSlasher Tue 21-Oct-08 05:27:33

IIRC my dds poo were all sorts of colours at times. Most fascinating. Maybe not green too often tho. If the doc says all is ok then I guess it is ok. Try not to worry, is she healthy?

newmum1973 Tue 21-Oct-08 14:48:56

She is following her weight chart. The doctor said this will go away but she is still passing green poos. I have been to the doctor so many times in last 4 months, he thinks I am a loony!

LadySanders Tue 21-Oct-08 14:55:34

ds2 had very green poos for a month or 2. i read LOADS of threads on here with many words of wisdom as to why it might or might not be. eventually realised it was particularly green and runny (sorry if TMI) if i'd drunk a lot of milk that day so cut back to one starbucks latte a day.... oh the sacrifices we make...

but broadly speaking i think its nothign at all to worry about

Wispabarsareback Tue 21-Oct-08 14:59:44

My DD2 went through a green-poo stage at about 3-4 months. She had severe difficulties with feeding though, and the HV told me that green poo can be a symptom of poor feeding. But if your DD is feeding well and growing OK, I guess that's unlikely to be the explanation.

I'm not suggesting you do it, but I started weaning DD2 at about four months (on dietitian's advice, and because she was so rubbish at drinking milk) - once she was eating better, the green poo stopped.

I'd be looking for an explanation too - it's completely fine to badger the doctor at this point!

elvisgirl Mon 27-Oct-08 04:37:03

The green poo is possibly due to am imbalance in fore/hind milk - getting too much foremilk which doesn't have as much fat in it as the hindmilk, more sugar, and is digested differently, the digestive enzymes giving rise to a green colour. It is not really a problem - as you have discovered they still gain weight. In some babies it can be slightly uncomfortable for them to digest and also pass the poos, esp as they can also be runny & bitty as well as various shades of green (lovely!).
Here is some info about what to try to see if it is this causing it and breast compression to ensure as much milk gets out of the breast as poss . I had this is my babe & managed to changed if following these measures, though occasionally it can come back for a one-off but I don't worry about that.

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