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Is this normal practice?

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HauntedHouseMate Mon 20-Oct-08 05:40:30

I may just need to get a grip - but I'm furious with our doctors surgery and desperate to help dd - so any advice would be greatfully received.

At 0530 Sat morning DD (3yrs) got up to go to the loo and screamed blue murder. I went to her and she was sobbing 'it hurts mummy, My wee is spiky' As I pulled her off the loo she dribbled on the seat and it was pink. So I thought cystitis / kidney infect.

Managed to get her in with the out of hours doc at 1000 - by then she had done 3 more wees, all accompanied by sobbing.

The doc basically said there was no point in taking a sample, because it would just sit over the weekend and that she wouldn't prescribe anything without a sample- told me to make her drink cranberry juice or lemon barley and to come back on Monday if she was any worse.

The weekend has been horrible, my DD has been dry for over a year but this weekend we have has lots of accidents and 2 wet beds. She got up 4 times in the night last night and cried every time. She is def holding back as she stops as soon as it hurts - and now will only go if I hold tissue paper against her - she wont let DH touch her.

I've managed to get her an appointment this morning, but have been told that they will want a sample and wont prescribe anything until the results come back - that wont be until Wed or Thu. Was told this by the medic on reception.

Is this normal - are they really making my DD wait, in pain, for 5 DAYS before they will treat her? I'm going looney, DH is mad, DD crying. I cant take time off work - and she wont go for a wee for DH. This is a bloody nightmare and its tearing me up to see her so upset.

Is there anything else I can do? She's drinking cranbery juice, I've made her wee in a warm bath, but is there anything else I can do for her? If it was me I would go to the chemist and buy Cylamon / Cystopurin - but is there a kid version - would the adult version hurt her?

If the medic is right I think I'm going to lose it with the Doc, so not good, but I cant do nothing?

Anyone? Is there a doc here that could tell me if this is normal procedure?

blueskyandsunshine Mon 20-Oct-08 06:08:05

I would go to A and E to be honest.

JustKeepSwimming Mon 20-Oct-08 06:14:11

When is your appt today?
Not sure i would rely on the receptionist's comment., but if DD is up now, why not bundle her in the car and go to A&E, what have you got to lose?
(prob not to busy at this time?)

egypt Mon 20-Oct-08 06:19:11

Jeez that is absolutely disgusting. Go to A&E now. They will treat her there. They won't need to wait for tests.

Good luck

Your poor dd

cystitis is the WORST thing, bless her.

JustKeepSwimming Mon 20-Oct-08 06:25:28

Oh, meant to say No Way can that be normal practice shock

cystitis is awful, poor d

JustKeepSwimming Mon 20-Oct-08 06:25:29

Oh, meant to say No Way can that be normal practice shock

cystitis is awful, poor d

JustKeepSwimming Mon 20-Oct-08 06:25:41


blueskyandsunshine Mon 20-Oct-08 06:47:23

Yes again
a and e -- there's no guarantee it's "only" cystitis anyway
and because if she's holding in for a long time then you could be looking at a urine infection turning into a kidney infection.

HauntedHouseMate Mon 20-Oct-08 07:00:54

Thanks all. Appt is 0930, so going now. (In Cyprus). Dont have A&E as such but will use that as a threat - will explain when I get back!

Wish me luck

JustKeepSwimming Mon 20-Oct-08 07:02:14

good luck, esp to your DD

Flightattendant2 Mon 20-Oct-08 07:02:28

Golly, you poor thing and poor dd. sad

I could understand why they would want to wait if they had taken a sample, because then they can prescribe the right ab for the specific infection. But I am disgusted that they refused to do this when your daughter is in a lot of pain. What an awful doctor. Usually a broad spec would be prescribed in this case until results were known at least.

How is she this morning? Have you seen anyone last night?

Flightattendant2 Mon 20-Oct-08 07:02:44

Sorry slow typing blush

HauntedHouseMate Mon 20-Oct-08 09:41:38

Hello All,

First of all I should explain a bit. I'm military, posted overseas and 2 hrs ahead of you. We have a Military Medical Centre on Camp and a Military Hospital some drive away but no A&E as such. DD gets treated by the Mil docs as my 'dependant' (as does DH) for routine matters but would be referred to the mil hospital for anything serious. If she needed emergency treatment she would go to the nearest civilian hospital, who would then charge the military for her treatment.

OK, So I'm just back (2 hrs!) and she's been given the antibiotics BUT ONLY when I said I was going to take her to the A&E and send the bill back to them.

The doc was adamant that the policy is not to give dd antibiotics without getting the results - which would have meant Wed/Thu. I argued for a good half hour - and exploded when she (doc) admitted that she would have given ME the drugs - but not a child. To me that is totally arse backwards. An adult could cope - a child cant!

In the end I told them they had a choice - either prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic or I was going to drive to the civ hosp and get her treated as an emergency. They called in the senior doc (to tell me off blush - who thankfully has children (one dd's age) and she told 1st doc to 'stop being so bloody silly and treat the child'

I'm still mad, but really glad dd is being treated. She still wont let DH touch her and it was hell getting the sample but hopefully the drugs will kick in and things will get better by tonight.

JustKeepSwimming Mon 20-Oct-08 09:45:11

So so glad you got something for her!
bit shock at the way you have been treated regardless of where you are.
senior doc sounds like someone to request in the future

Keep with the cranberry juice and good luck to your DD.

herbietea Mon 20-Oct-08 09:45:37

Message withdrawn

egypt Mon 20-Oct-08 13:33:20

thank goodness
hope it clears up soon

Elk Mon 20-Oct-08 13:58:16

I'm not sure if you can give it to a child( although I can't see why not), when I had cystitis I found it helps to put a teaspoon of bicarbanate of soda in a glass of orange/blackcurrent squash. It tastes a bit nasty and you have to drink two/three glasses over the space of 2/3 hours (ie one an hour). It helps to counteract the acidity in the urine to make it more comfy to wee until the infection is cleared up.

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