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Is his breathing abnormal

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lumpasmelly Sun 19-Oct-08 09:58:15

About a month ago my son (4 yrs) started breathing in a funny way. It started out with the odd deep breath and now he seems like he is constanstly struggling to take a breath - i.e. he draws up his shoulders and flares his nostrals to take a breath, as if he has just done vigorous exercise, even though he hasn't. His nanny and his teacher have both noticed it, as have many of his friends parents. When I ask him why he is breathing like this, he says he can't help it. He also claims that he doesn't feel unwell and his chest doesn't hurt. He has no other symptoms and the problem is not made worse by exercise (in fact, it is probably better when he runs about - it seems to be worse when he is sitting still). I took him to the doctor who listened to his heart and chest and was quite dismissive - said that he appeared to be perfectly normal and to just ignore it. That was last week, and if anything it is getting worse and driving my husband and I crazy as it is quite alarming to witness. Any thoughts? Should I take him back to the doctor for a second opinion? Could it just be a habit he has developed that I am making worse by paying too much attention too?

Trifle Sun 19-Oct-08 10:04:32

How bizarre, this was me a few months ago. My 8 year old ds went through a phase of doing exactly the same thing, breathing really heavily, seemingly to struggle for breath, taking huge big gulps etc etc. Friends noticed too, especially when playing football and many parents commented. I even spent 3 hours in A & E and the doctor listened to his chest and said everything was absolutely fine, totally clear etc. Really bizarre but he then just stopped, seemed to be a phase he went through. If a doctor has listened to your sons chest and given the all clear then I wouldnt worry.

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