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tonsillectomy - your experiences?

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lubblyjubblies Sun 19-Oct-08 08:18:43

DS1 is going for his tonsils and adenoids removing in 3 weeks. He is only 23 months and we have been warned he will likely need to be in HDU following the op (having op because of obstructive sleep apnea and recurrent lung probs). Can you please share your experiences of little ones, or not so little ones having this op. Don't know how long we are likely to be in hospital or how bad to expect it to be,

LornaESMurray Sun 19-Oct-08 10:07:21

Ds who has just turned 3 has just had Grommets put in and adenoids removed. The op took about 3 mins and we were out the same day. Perhaps having tonsils out is a little more extensive if they're suggesting he stay in for awhile? or perhaps it is his age?

LornaESMurray Sun 19-Oct-08 10:08:07

Ok that is meant to say 30 mins

kiddiz Sun 19-Oct-08 12:00:32

DS1 had several ops as a baby/youngster because he was born with a cleft palate amoung other things. His disability means anaesthetic is quite difficult for him as he exremely difficult to intubate (sp?). His last op was at about 9 when he had his cleft redone. He was in PICU for about 24hours afterwards because of the risk to his airway from the difficulties being intubated and the surgery. He had a procedure called a pharyngoplasty as well as his palate being redone to try and improve his speech so it was quite extensive surgery. I wasn't warned before hand that he may be admitted to the PICU afterwards even though they were aware of his problems with anaesthetics (they had previously abandoned the same op after they had given him the anaesthetic because the couldn't intubate him. The anaesthetist who came to see me afterwards was visably shaking and white such had been the problems they had had.)
That said he bounced back pretty quickly and was back on a normal ward the next day and discharged a couple of days later. The PICU really was only a precaution so he was in the best place should he have any complications. Although it was pretty scary because of all the equipment, the staff were always there and very reassuring....each baby/child had their own nurse.
I hope everything goes as planned for your son and he is much better afterwards. My DS2 had his tonsils out but he was 17 so not really same as your ds. He was in and out in a day but on an adult ward and no hdu.

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