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Is your baby in a helmet?

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ShellySara Wed 15-Oct-08 22:54:04


I am just wondering whether there are any other mums out there with their babies in helmets for plagio/brachy?

I have just arranged for a fitting appointment for my DD to get her squidgy head sorted. I feel so bad, I knew she had a flat spot at the back (obviously, cause thats why I took her), but I didnt realise that the front was slightly wonky, her eyes, ears and jaws are also slightly misaligned. I didnt even notice those!

She is only 5 and half months old, and I think this is the right thing I can do for her. I just wanted to know how all you other mums and babies get on with the helmets, and if any of you are in the Midlands, as I have never seen any of these around my way.

Take care

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