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No idea what is wrong with my DC's??

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lulabelle Wed 15-Oct-08 15:21:27

Both of them had a horrid sickness bug at the end of August.

3 weeks ago DS2 spent the night in A&E with croup, since then he has had a minor cough and a cold. DS1 has also had an on/off cold which has not bothered him much but he has been very congested.

On Monday night, DS1 complained that he had tummy ache and felt sick. DS2 then also started complaining of the same.

They were both fine during the day Tuesday, then on Tuesday night they were both complaining again, DS2 had a high temp, DS1 was hot but not very hot iykwim?

Today they are both off nursery/school one minute playing around, next minute feeling sick, lying down with sick bowls not eating but drinking.

They aren't getting any worse but neither are they getting any better? My Nan says that DS2 could be teething but of course this is not going to be the case for DS1 (age 7).

I thought we had been through it with the bugs this year, it feels like it is neverending.

And, I'm an emetophobe sad

bubblagirl Wed 15-Oct-08 17:02:53

i know how you feel ds seems to be on and off wiith saying feels ill then opk then feels ill burning up then ok again i guess there is something loitering about still

i havent felt right since my last cold and flu feel sick and tired this has been weeks now not pregnant so has to be from last illness

hope they feel better soon x

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