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recurrent mild fever

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fishperson Mon 13-Oct-08 08:30:41

DD has recurrent moderately high temperatures with mild headache and uncomfortable throat (she has chronically enlarged tonsils but not tonsilitis). This has gone on sporadically for about 6 months. GP not fussed about it. Any suggestions or advice please? She's off school (again!!) today, feeling floppy. I assume it just viral but why does it just keep on going on?

Bucharest Mon 13-Oct-08 08:40:14

My dd suffers dreadfully with tonsilitis- as did I until I had them out. We had to have 5 lots of antibiotics for her in 4 months last year -which I really don't like doing...My gp has said to wait till she's 6 and then we might have to take them out- again- I'm not happy about that really....She did tell me to keep boosting her immune system with stuff like multi-vits, actimel (or even "stronger" probiotics to stop infection before it starts) echinacea etc. Fingers crossed, we haven't had a bout since about June. Good luck!

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