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I should have trusted my instincts

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ChocolateMouse Mon 13-Oct-08 01:01:57

I'm so peeved with the 2 GPs at my docs surgery and now peeved with dh too. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ds has just turned 8 months old and about 2 weeks ago started to develop a rash all over his body. Ds seemed fine in himself initially but a few days later I became concerned as he started to scratch at the rash and scratch his scalp. I though maybe it's his cradle cap so got some shampoo to help deal with that - it didn't stop the itching sad

Went to GPs surgery 3 times, (yep, 3 times), and each time they would ask if there is a history of eczema, asthma etc in the family to which I said I had eczema as a child - BIG mistake of mine. One GP had basically made his diagnosis before I even showed him ds's rash. 'Yes, it's infantile eczema - I'll prescribe emollient and hydrocortisone creams for you to use'. The other GP said the same a few days later when the rash hadn't disappeared and, appeared to me, to look worse. I told this GP that ds was now scratching and pulling at his ears. She checked his ears and said, 'all looks nice and clear to me'. The health visitor said she thought it was a 'phase' he was going through. It still didn't seem right to me.

This weekend, the itching/rash was still there and still distressing him, despite all the creams, and I thought that I would have a conversation with dh about it. On Fri night I said that I didn't feel comfortable with the diagnosis and would like to take ds to the Sick Childrens Hospital to get him looked at by A&E. Well, dh then thinks that I'm being paranoid and that ds is 'absolutely fine'. I wasn't happy with it but he convinced me that ds was fine each time I mentioned it, Fri, and Sat. Sun morning came and I am starting to get really worried; itching/rash still there, ds not able to eat properly and waking in the night scratching. Finally, this afternoon dh begrudgingly said 'ok, we'll go'. smile

Well, poor ds has just been diagnosed with bacterial tonsillitis which has caused an ear infection. This has caused him to get the itchy rash known as Scarlet Fever! Apparently this fever is rare in children under 2 years. At the hospital they said that the creams that were prescribed to ds would be no use and have given us penicillin and antihistamine for it instead.

God - I hate my doctors - they're idiots! angry
I'm so annoyed with dh just now too.

I feel like I have let ds down big time. Why the hell didn't I trust my instincts and just take ds to A&E on my own???? I'm hopeless sad

Really sorry for the rant.

LackaDAISYcal Mon 13-Oct-08 01:10:24

you're not hopeless. you did the right thing in taking him to the GPs and asking the HV for advice.

the fact that this type of rash is rare in children under two means that the GPs probably haven't seen it before so can only diagnose on what they know. Missing an ear infection is pretty common too in GPs as often they can come on really quickly, so although they said he was clear, it might have just been starting at that point.

Not sure how they could've missed the tonsilitis though as it's very distinctive.

And i'm sure your DH was thinking that if the doc said he was OK, then he was OK.

You have done the right thing by him in getting it checked out as it wasn't improving and that makes you a good mum imo, and one who has done the best by her DS; you haven'tlet him downat all.

I hope he feels better soon, the poor lamb sad

spookycharlotte121 Mon 13-Oct-08 01:15:10

but you were persistant in your suspicions that some thing wasnt right. You could have just brushed it aside and forgotten about it but you didnt, therefore you are a good mum!

ChocolateMouse Mon 13-Oct-08 01:16:02

Thanks LDC - I know I should be more logical about it all but I'm finding it a bit hard just now.

Thanks for your kind words - they mean a lot. I'll try and get some sleep now and tell myself that I'm a good mum smile, AND try to believe it too!

He seems to be sleeping peacefully just now so hope he's getting the rest he deserves.

wehaveallbeenthere Mon 13-Oct-08 01:17:35

YOU are not hopeless...there is no way you could have known and you did trust your instincts. You have found the reason to your babies discomfort and your baby is now going to be treated and heal.
Follow through with this, learn from it and both you and your baby will be better for it.
I wish I had followed my instincts with my youngest in that we got her vaccinations from the city hall before moving when she was little instead of through her regular doctor.
She is diagnosed as autistic/PDD/MR. Maybe it would not have made any difference or it might have made all the difference in the world. We will never know.
I've since learned to follow my instincts and you will find that little and big battles will come up and you will be better prepared because of this. Soooo don't be sorry for your rant.

ChocolateMouse Mon 13-Oct-08 01:18:17

Thank you SC121. I'm so relieved that I was persistant smile

ChocolateMouse Mon 13-Oct-08 01:27:43

Thank you WHABT. That must be so difficult for you wishing that you had trusted your instincts before you moved for your youngest. They are very lucky to have you smile

Hmmm, you're right, I had better get ready for the little and big battles that are waiting along the way..................hmm

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