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Help! DS teething and hsa diarrhoea - what do I do?

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thumbwitch Fri 10-Oct-08 01:09:25

I am having a bit of bother with DS - he's got 6 teeth already and I think maybe a molar is coming through.

He's barely eaten anything this afternoon; I managed to give him calpol and nurofen with a struggle but he's crying and red faced and I dont know whether that's through the crying or because of the teeth!

He did have a temperature earlier but that seems to have gone down (probably cos of the Calpol/nurofen)

If I give him water he spits it out - I am tempted to try juice but don't want to start a bad habit. (will it start a bad habit?) But am worried it will make his nappies worse? They (nappies) smell odd like a sharp smell and are consistently loose.

Any thoughts? Am I being paranoid, is this normal teething? Or could there be something else going on that I need to check him for?


AreYouCallingMeDarling Fri 10-Oct-08 01:10:23

how old?

thumbwitch Fri 10-Oct-08 01:12:23

10mo, just over

LackaDAISYcal Fri 10-Oct-08 01:21:30

If he isn't any better in the morning I would get him along to the docs to rule out anything like an ear infection.

For general teething I use Nelson's (or boots own brand) chamomolia teething powders which seem to help, rather than resorting to calpol too much.

I sympathise on the nappy rash though; DD has had a bit of a diahorrea bug this wis red raw sadeek and her poor botty

thumbwitch Fri 10-Oct-08 01:31:22

Ooh, Daisy, isn't it your DD who had the totally resistant nappy rash? Have you finally found something that works on it?
Ta btw

LackaDAISYcal Fri 10-Oct-08 09:19:58

hi thumbwitch...well remembered.

We are using bamboo disposables and emollient lotion on tissue as wipes, with only the occasional baby wipe when out and is working so far and we had a clear botty for about three weeks before this wee bug. metanium is hleping with that though.

how's DS this morning? I hope he's ok smile

and a wee bit diluted apple juice (1 part juice to 10 parts water) won't hurt if it's to get some fluids into him.

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