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StrepC infection (same bacteria as tonsillitis) in DS bottom - resistant to treatment. Any ideas?

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choucroutegarnie Thu 09-Oct-08 22:26:45

DS has had a fiery red rash around the anus for months. After being fobbed off repeatedly by our GP who refused to refer us and said it would just go away we forked out for a private paediatrician consultation. They immediately diagnosed a strepC infection and prescribed antibiotics.

It seemed to relieve the symptoms, but we've now finished the course and it's worse than ever.

I wonder whether the various creams our GP prescribed previously (from steroids to antifungal) may have made the infection resistant to treatment.

Anyone with experience of this? Poor DS is at the end of his tether (and so are we).

coochybottom Thu 09-Oct-08 22:39:26

OH yes. I think my DS prob was strep B thou. My poor son was in agony for ages and I lost my patience with one doctor who had misdiagnosed and kept fobbing me off. After writing a letter of complaint to the surgery I saw another doc who did a swab and hey presto correct diagnosis. Poor lad been sufferin unnecessarily for months. It still upsets me now to think about it. He had to have 2weeks antibiotics and some cream which luckily cleared it up. I had a similar experience when I had an ear infection when I was younger. The stuff the doc had given me made my ear canal into a "rubbish tip" the ENT specialist told me when I saw him after taking myself to casualty in desperation! So it could be that your poor sons prob has been made worse by the GP. Perhaps he needs longer /different antibiotics to get rid completely. I hope he gets better soon. I can remember my DS on the toilet crying and bleeding trying to "go" but he was in so much agony. I got on the phone to the doc and she just patronised me, telling me it was nothing!!Thats what prompted my letter of complaint. She has now left the surgery.NO body liked her.Not surprising.angrysad

DraculaNeedsArteries Thu 09-Oct-08 22:42:34

I would say 2 things.

1. maybe longer course of ABs may be necessary.
2. the ABs may have allowed thrush to thrive in the same place so now he needs anti-fungals.

Did the Dr take a swab to confirm a)identification and b) suitable ABs?

choucroutegarnie Sun 12-Oct-08 20:34:45

Thanks for your posts. What you describe, Coochy, is exactly what my poor DS is experiencing! I've called the doctor who diagnosed the problem in the first place who's now conferred with a gastro specialist and prescribed another two weeks of (different) antibiotics. Fingers crossed.

Had not thought about the possible fungal problem. Hope not!

GPs really are often clueless about specific paediatric problems, aren't they?

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