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barnet1 Thu 09-Oct-08 17:32:39

Hi, I have just received a letter from my lo's nursery that there have been nits. I have checked my lo's hair she is 2 yrs and she doesn't have them. I would like to prevent them does anyone know which is the best product the Nitty Gritty repellant or the Vosene repellent? Thankyou

exasperatedmummy Thu 09-Oct-08 18:19:36

Ive not used either of these DD2 hasn't had nits ~YET! DD1 was scourged with them as she had incredably thick hair. So we tried everything.

I would imagine vosene or nitty gritty are tea tree based? This is good for repelling nits but it is fairly astringent and can dry the hair/scalp. Thats what we did though, found it to be the best and repeat this mantra

Brush, wash, condition, comb, leave a nit without a home.

I would recommend that you keep her hair well conditioned, therefore slippery, brushed and tied back off the face if possible. A lice (louse?) can only crawl from hair to hair so if the hair is tied back it is less likely to dangle with other childrens hair, as it were.

My DD used to nit comb her own hair, once a week.

exasperatedmummy Thu 09-Oct-08 18:21:21

Comb whilst the conditioner is still in, with a nit comb.

I should add that i am DREADING DD2 getting nits as her hair is fine and tangly, and she HATES having it brushed at the best of times.

barnet1 Thu 09-Oct-08 18:53:13

Its a nightmare, I find myself itching at the thought of them.I did use tea tree conditioner on her hair last night but she wouldnt let me use the nit comb. She has very fine hair and I have checked but cant see any thank goodness.

lindseyfox Thu 09-Oct-08 20:21:15


the creepy crawlies are called headlice and the eggs are called nits.

if your child does get them the best treatment is hedrin it can be brought over the counter or got on prescription. (health visitors and GPs can precribe).

It has no chemicals and actually suffocates the lice causing them to explode - sounds lovely.

as there are no chemicals its great for sensitive skin and asthmatics.

goes on hair an hr before child goes to bed so its dry then washed off in morning, has no vile smell.

did you know some of the other products used to treat them have more pesticides in than its legal to spray crops with?!?!?

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