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recurrent kidney infections due to reflux

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shellki Thu 09-Oct-08 13:26:58

I am wondering if anyone else has a child with this condtion. My DD is now 2 and was diagnosed with a reflux between her bladder and kidney due to an congenital abnormality of her left kidney. This has caused recurrent infections and led to her being hospitalised. She is on prophylactic antibiotics which work quite well, but can still catch infections. Every time she was a temperature I am supposed to get a urine sample to check for infections - but this is a real nightmare. She still wears nappies (toilet training has been slowed by these problems) and she gets veryy upset if not hysterical when I have to use the sample collector that sticks to her vulva. It can take a day or more just to get a usable sample. Does anyone else have experience with this type of problem and have any suggestions?

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