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4 year old with phobia of blood.

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pucca Thu 09-Oct-08 13:07:16

Spurring on from the phobia thread, i thought i would ask some advice.

My dd (4) has a real fear of blood, and even if she has a pin prick sized scratch she goes hysterical and is completely crazy until a plaster goes on. Once the plaster is on she calms down, she hasn't seen anyone else with this fear, infact i am the opposite blood just doesn't phase me at all, infact i if anything make light of it.

For example i recently sliced my knuckle in Tesco, i wasn't bothered apart from being annoyed i had to stop shopping and go and get a tissue/plaster because the blood was dripping down my hand, dd? absolutely hysterical! you would have thought i had chopped my arm off.

What can i do to help her with this? i try my best to keep her calm when she does scratch herself etc, but she goes like a mad person, that crazy its like all that would bring her out of it is a slap across the face (of course i would never do that) but she is just completely unreachable.

Is a trip to the doctors silly? just feel like i should do something before it gets really out of hand, and of course i want to help her get over this if possible.

cory Thu 09-Oct-08 13:27:34

Not at all unusual IME, and it may get better with age (though my Dad and db still have to ask to lie down if they're having blood taken).

As I remember it, we used to have at least one child like this in the class when I was at school.

Just keep calm and reassure her, but accept that some people are very troubled by the sight of blood. It's not some weird condition that needs treating- it's just how they are. It is when they start avoiding activities because they might result in blood that it's a phobia and something needs to be done.

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