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Just one thing after another in Gabor household - diarrhoea? TMI guaranteed

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CharCharGabor Wed 08-Oct-08 21:20:14

DD has been quite fussy over the last few days and has had horrific smelly wind. Today we went to MIL's and she grazed all day but on her usual foods. On the way home she vomited up in the car, it was very thick and there was lots of it. She then dozed off for a bit in the car. When she woke up she was very upset and carried on like that for the next hour or so. Just before going to bed she had a massive poo. It smelt disgusting, was quite loose but not watery and was very pale brown. It has been the same the last few days. She's been quite off her food. Have noticed tonight she is teething incisors and they will prob be through soon. Is this teething effects or diarrhoea? Sorry for the TMI smile

TheArmadillo Wed 08-Oct-08 21:21:28

teething can cause loose stools as they swallow much more saliva.

It could be either.

Keep an eye on her and check her temperature.

CharCharGabor Wed 08-Oct-08 21:25:51

Temp seems normal and she's been quite happy today. Will keep an eye on her. I'm sure it's probably fine and she'll settle down in a day or two but I do worry. She woke up last night in hysterics, refused to feed even after painkillers and didn't settle for over an hour. I was really worried but today she's seemed ok so I thought it had all settled down. Blardy teething! Thanks smile

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