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So many colds

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SebbysMum Wed 08-Oct-08 15:48:59

My 9 month old son seems to have one cold after another and has done for a couple of months now. Is this very common? I'm wondering if he is getting it from swimming every week or whether it's just because he sees other babies a lot. I'm really hoping it's not to do with the slight damp problems in our rented flat.

Should I be happy he's building up his immune system or sorry it's happening? Is there a link between colds and swimming?

mclovin Wed 08-Oct-08 15:55:36

my 8 month old has had different colds/ear infections/vomiting/conjunctiveitus for a running on for a month now, went swimming once and not since as we think that resulted in conjunctiveitus. Otherwise we think he is getting colds from day care...

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