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DD has loads of glands, been to doc and need some further help please.........

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npg1 Tue 07-Oct-08 11:29:59

Hi. Im in a bit of a panic at the mo, DD is 2. Found these glands in her groin area a few months ago, didnt think much of it but took her to see doctor today. He felt her and said she has far too many glands and she needs to have a blood test at the children's ward to find out why. He spoke to the peds on call today and they said they dont need to see her today as she doesnt have temp and looks quite well but are going to make an urgent appointment for sometime this week.

He phoned me and explained more, how there can be good and bad glands and we need to find out which glands these are. He said if they are bad glands then its serious but didnt go into detail anymore.

Also she is quite ill with colds and coughs and has had temps which I told him but he didnt seem to bothered.

So as you can imagine im wondering what to do. Do I wait til next week? Do I try and phone private hospital and ask their advice and pay for an appointment? Im quite worried now.

GeorgeAndTimmy Tue 07-Oct-08 11:46:14

Ok, deep breaths. Sounds like you GP is being very thorough and that is good. If the paeds don't think they need to see her asap, then you should trust that. If they were seriously worried from what your GP said, they would call her in now (as in right now).
My dd (now 5) has had loads of pea-sized glands in her groin. Often 3 or 4 each side. They come and go, but she has had them since a baby. They are just her body fighting normal, minor bugs. She also had a huge one in her neck - larger than marble sized and not where glands usually are. This too proved to be nothing scary. It is still there after nearly two years.
I have been told by paeds that some childrens glands just react more strongly to minor stuff than others, and chances are your dd is one of them.
If it were me, I would just speak to the paed's reception to check that the appt is for this week (they can be quite inefficient), for your own peace of mind rather than rush to go elsewhere.
I have had a couple of occasions where I have been told to go straight to the children's hospital from my GP's and other times when I have got an appt for later. The right call has been made every time.
I know it is worrying, but really, chances are all is ok - let us know how you get on...

npg1 Tue 07-Oct-08 12:02:45

but you say your dd come and go, my dd are there all the time.

GeorgeAndTimmy Tue 07-Oct-08 12:25:08

They have come and gone over the space of years. They are quite often present for four months or so at at a time - tbh I don't keep count anymore as they are more often there than not. The one in her neck has been there for nearly two years for sure, as we did have blood tests for that after a couple of months, plus paed and ENT appts, so I remember when it all was.
Obviously you are going to be worried, but really, chances are it is just the way your dd's body responds to all the coughs and colds and stuff. Did she have any cuts or injuries anywhere near the area a few months back? This can also cause glands to swell.

npg1 Tue 07-Oct-08 17:19:39

Just bumping for the evening incase anyone else can offer some advice.

Im still quite worried. x

npg1 Fri 10-Oct-08 13:43:14

hi. just giving an update, after several days of worrying hospital finally phoned today and have given me an appointment for next tuesday. We have to go to outpaitients though and see a pedetrian. Will they do the blood test there and then or is this to asses her first? I thought we would go to the childrens ward.

fifitot Fri 10-Oct-08 17:19:25

My DD had some lg glands in her neck. We were referred to a pead but went private as wanted to be seen quickly.IN retrospect didn't really need to this. Most appts are with outpatients departments.

They took bloods on the day and rang us with results about 5 days later. They take bloods to see if there is an infection as glands go up if fighting infection. Will check white blood cells also and other stuff not sure of.

Glands can be scary but they can be enlarged for many many reasons so try not to worry (some hope!). Some kids glands get enlarged and never quite go back to the previous size.

Has your LO had any kind of infection recently?

Hope that helps. At least you are being seen quite soon and will be able to ask lots of questions.

npg1 Sun 12-Oct-08 10:15:21

Hi. No she hasnt been ill for a couple of months now but when she was younger she was always ill, with lots of cold and coughs and would get temps for what seemed like no reason with no other side effects. It was only last week that i thought to myself she hasnt been ill for a while.

Feeling abit more relaxed about it, guess there is nothing I can do until tuesday so trying not too worry too much.

Thanks everyone

TheCheeseAlarm Sun 12-Oct-08 10:31:55

Does you DD have eczema? When DS1 was little and he was having an eczema flare up, he would have glands up everywhere. Huge ones in his groin, up to 4cm across, knees, neck, armpit, along the top of his back, all sorts of places that you would never imagine you even had glands. They would take months and months to go down, we did see a paediatrician in the end, but they weren't at all bothered. I just had to force myself to stop looking for them in the end, or I was in a permanent state of panic!

He's 7 now, has eczema has almost completely gone, but I usually know he's about to have a flare up because the glands at the back of his knees enlarge.

npg1 Sun 12-Oct-08 17:27:56

Hi. No she doesnt have eczema.

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