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5 month old DD has got Impetigo, i feel so upset. Any advice or support please

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SweetTea Mon 06-Oct-08 19:24:23

My DD has just been diagnosed with Impetigo at 5 months old. I first noticed a spot last Wednesday night on her arm which has grown in size and today further small spots have appeared around it. Saw the doctor who has prescribed some oral medicine plus a cream.
I feel so upset as i am obsessive about cleanliness in the home, i can't understand how she has got it. She has not been near any other children lately, we do have cats so i wondered if she could have picked up bacteria from them?
Has anyone else had a similar problem with such a young baby? Is she stuck with this for life now (coming & going)?
I know i sound like a drama queen but she is my first and we all know how precious they are!

lisad123 Mon 06-Oct-08 19:28:21

my baby girl had it 2 weeks ago and i was soo upset. I dont know where she got it from either, but we have 2 cats and wondered the same.
I dont think shes more likely to get it again but could be wrong. It does take ages to go, and even though scabs have gone, she has a small scar. HTH

scorpio1 Mon 06-Oct-08 19:29:01

It is very contagious, she could have picked it up anywhere, so don't worry. It will go, no its not a life thing, just a 1 off thing, and will go after you have used the meds.

SweetTea Mon 06-Oct-08 19:32:11

As it's so contagious how do i stop myself from getting it? I have just bathed her, and when dressing her for bed it's impossible for me to not touch it. Am i ok if i wash my hands immediately afterwards?

deanychip Mon 06-Oct-08 19:34:25

do you know, i got this from the hospital after giving birth, on my face.
twas awful and itchy.
top tips:
when you put the cream on, use cotton buds to dab it on. Try not to use your fingers to rub it in, try not to touch it at all.
bin cotton buds after use
wash your hands before and after putting cream on
dont touch anything else.
(its highly contageous)
when it has cleared up, throw away the cream.
Shouldnt get it again, once its gone, should be gone forever.
its one of them things, no ones fault. will be ok.

scorpio1 Mon 06-Oct-08 19:35:13

Yes, just wash your hands. Don't be upset, though

maretta Mon 06-Oct-08 19:36:52

My ds's have picked this up a couple of times. I find that it's not that contagious unless you have any small cuts on your hands.

If you have a cut that starts getting blistery or tingly, pop a bit of the cream on to it.

Hope it all gets cleared up soon

deanychip Mon 06-Oct-08 19:37:21

oh and dont squeeze the cream out of the tube directly onto the wound, make sure that you squeeze it onto the end of the cotton bud,
if you need to put more cream on, use another bud or the other end.
you will reinfect over and over if you allow the tube any contact with the wound at all.

SweetTea Mon 06-Oct-08 19:39:18

Deanychip, the cotton bud is a great tip, i'll remember that. Thanks!

SweetTea Tue 07-Oct-08 19:19:45

I have just realised that there is a very strong possibility DD caught Impetigo from the Health Visitors drop in clinic when i took her to be weighed 2 weeks ago! This is definitely the only time she has come into contact with other people other than a handful of family members who always wash their hands before touching her. I find it quite disturbing that this is where she got it from and will be calling the health visitor tomorrow to warn them the condition is currently around and to be vigilant!

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