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Please help, ds has hurt his lip and now refuses to eat!

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bcsnowpea Sun 05-Oct-08 07:39:25

Poor ds fell on his face and split his lip. He's 23 months and obviously has no idea how to handle the pain. We've given him some baby pain meds and it's been a few hours, but the poor kid is so hungry he keeps asking for food, but won't actually put anything past his lip. I think he may have also cut a little of his gum.

...on the other hand, he's sitting sucking his thumb right now, so that's a plus!

Does anyone have any suggestions for how we can get some food into him?

lljkk Sun 05-Oct-08 18:04:54

Anything he can get up with a straw (low-sugar all milk weakly hot weakly chocolate).
Porridge (not too hot). Yogurt of any sort.
He won't truly starve himself, honest, lots of cuddles until he feels better.

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