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anyone have experience of papular urticaria on babies/toddlers?

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bumbly Sat 04-Oct-08 19:58:17

was told by hospital that is what little one had but then two other paeds disagreed form main paed

anyone else have little one with this?

question did little one scratch lesions?

bumbly Sun 05-Oct-08 21:00:14


fifitot Sun 05-Oct-08 21:11:03

Sorry I don't know anything about it but bumping for you.

biscuitytrousers Sun 05-Oct-08 21:22:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gemdangracie Sun 05-Oct-08 21:30:50

found a link for you hope it helps
"Look at"

bumbly Sun 05-Oct-08 23:33:15


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