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DD is obviously in agony and I can't fix it. Am losing my mind.

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charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:39:05

She is sleeping now but will be awake soon. Last night she woke crying at 11, completely inconsolable and wouldn't even settle with a feed. She eventually fell asleep at half 1. Today she has been crying all day due to being tired and probably in pain too. Went to bed at 8 and was up less than two hours later inconsolable, but settled with a feed. Will probably be up soon. I am exhausted, got hardly any sleep and have a toddler to look after as well as DD tomorrow so no chance of rest. I think she's teething but I don't know, have tried calpol, ibuprofen and teething powders which have done nothing. I can't even tell if she's ill. Was thinking about anbesol but am worried it will make her mouth too numb to breastfeed. Am feeling powerless and shit. Please help sad

charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:39:40

Sorry post is so craply written btw, brain not functioning.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 02-Oct-08 23:40:03


How old sweetheart ?

Ewe Thu 02-Oct-08 23:40:15

How old is she?

Novacane Thu 02-Oct-08 23:40:48

How old is she? have u got any medised?

3littlefrogs Thu 02-Oct-08 23:42:05

Have you had her ears checked? That is what I would do at the first opportunity. Babies with ear infection/earache are in a lot more pain when lying down, so are always worse at night. It is very common at this age, so worth checking.

avenanap Thu 02-Oct-08 23:42:05

I think you should pop her to the doctor in the morning for a check over if she's still like this. It's so hard to tell with little ones, this doesn't sound right though so I would get her looked at. Or phone NHS direct and get her seen by the out of hours if she wakes like this tonight.

charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:42:31

Sorry forgot, she's 14 months. Too young for medised and haven't got any either. Calpol, nurofen and powders are my repetoire and they haven't worked.

charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:43:35

Typical she would be like this now. Have 3 year old cousin tomorrow so going to doctor would be stressful. Am struggling anyway and this is finishing me off tbh.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 02-Oct-08 23:44:34

Previous thread shows lo is 14 months.


I wonder whether something unconventional like ice lolly/ice cream might help, on top of keeping the pain under by using calpol/ brufen regularly, rather than waiting until she gets uncomfy.

Charchar, hope you are ok

mumhadenough Thu 02-Oct-08 23:44:41

Does she have a temp?

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 02-Oct-08 23:45:12

ANd yes, off to doc if another bad night.


damselindistress Thu 02-Oct-08 23:45:58

Phone NHS24 they are normally quite helpful, my brother had earache on christmas day when he was a baby and the docs were out within a few hours and it turned out his eardrums very nearly burst sorry to scare you but please please do get it checked you will feel much better too.

If it is earache she will scream more when she is lying her down so perhaps hold her upright with a blanket wrapped around her against you and see how that works.

How old is she? And don't feel crap we were all in the same boat once, I took my DS to A&E because I was convinced he had meningitis and it was only his eczema flaring up hmm they don't mind thats what they are there for.

avenanap Thu 02-Oct-08 23:47:04

I do think you should take her, I know it might be difficult but she needs looking at, especially if you have tried all the painkillers and has been crying all day. It sounds like somethings not right to me.

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 02-Oct-08 23:47:09

Docs - really sounds like my DD with an ear infection

charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:49:48

Thanks. Last night and the night before I gave her calpol and nurofen four hours apart but it didn't even touch it. She hates cold stuff so doubt the ice lolly would work, had to sing to her last night just to get the medicine in. But it is a good idea. She doesn't have a temp. I'm all right just pathetic at mo and everything is bothering me more than it should. Thankyou everybody.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 02-Oct-08 23:52:07

Charchar the tiredness is a killer, right enough.

Bless you both

charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:52:29

Sorry forgot to mention your post 3lf, and now others have said the same. She hasn't been playing with her ears or anything. Wouldn't she wake up straight away if her ears were sore? Admittedly she did that last night, woke up 5 mins after I put her down. Tonight she has gone off with a feed (more feeds than is normal for her but she is unpredictable.) Shite.

charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:53:26

Thanks BALD. Should have known it might have been her ears, so useless. Poor child.

3littlefrogs Thu 02-Oct-08 23:54:07

Don't feel you have to acknowledge all posts - you poor thing, you must be exhausted.

Hope you get some sleep now.

mumhadenough Thu 02-Oct-08 23:55:28

As a mum of a wee guy who's had coming on 50 ear infections since he was born, i do recognise some of what you've said, but, he nearly always had a temp when really young.

I think you should definitely call NHS direct though and get her checked just in case.

Good luck I totally sympathise with the many sleepless nights through worry and a child in pain.

Is she whimpering in her sleep or just waking up screaming or crying?

charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:56:27

Should be used to it by now, she never sleeps. Hate to see her so uncomfortable sad She still asleep now though. Am tired but struggling to sleep atm. Hopefully will be able to go soon.

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 02-Oct-08 23:56:38

yy - get sleep.

Tiredness is a killer as BALD says. Get your head down.

And not useless

(went to walk in centre first time with DD and they were shock when they looked in her ears - she had shown no sign - I felt like crap)

charchargabor Thu 02-Oct-08 23:57:34

She was crying in her sleep before but hasn't for about an hour. Mostly just waking up screaming. Doesn't even settle when I pick her up, that used to be enough. Is bfing fine though.

charchargabor Fri 03-Oct-08 00:00:39

I should have guessed though, I just thought it was her teeth. When I say she hasn't got a temp, I mean she doesn't feel hot. This responsible mother hasn't even got a thermometer. Will prob be able to get to bed for about half past I think. I dread going to sleep because I know I'll be woken up as soon as I drift off.

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