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Chicken pox scenario - what would you do?

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Buckets Thu 02-Oct-08 15:42:58


DS got 11 tiny 'dewdrop' blisters on his torso on Saturday. Then Sunday his sister got full-on chicken pox but DS has not been at all unwell and his blisters have not increased or got angry or crusted over, just shrunk a little and it seems like they've dried out and will go of their own accord. Does that mean he didn't build up any antibodies and could catch it again?
Have had them both off all week assuming his would get worse but it hasn't and DD seem's to be almost all crusted now so I'm thinking he's not contagious.
Now the dilemma: I'd like to send DS back to pre-school tomorrow as he would really benefit from easing back into it after 4 days off. Would you do it? Am I being irresponsible or over-cautious?

moonmother Thu 02-Oct-08 15:56:49

I would ring his pre-school, if you think he's well enough to go, and ask them.They usually have rules in place about infectious illnesses.

I've had the same sort of thing this week, my DD wasn't well from Saturday Evening, I thought it was just a cold, Ds was fine, so after taking him to school Monday, I got Gp to have a look at DD

She was diagnosed with mumps, Gp said just keep an eye on DS, but when I rang their school to let them know, they insisted I took Ds out of school as well, as he could be infectious even without symptoms.

So we have been in isolation all week, Ds woke up yesterday morning with swelling.sad

Luckily they aren't Ill-Ill with it, just laying about alot.

Hope that helps smile

rolereversal Thu 02-Oct-08 16:04:18

am not an expert but have always thought that once blisters dry up they are no longer infectious. Sounds like he will be ok to go back to me smile

Buckets Thu 02-Oct-08 18:02:27

You're right Moonmother it's not really up to me is it? Looked at their booklet and from what it says they won't want him.

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