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Strange spot on the shoulder. Should I take DD to doctors?

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squilly Sun 28-Sep-08 22:08:13

I'm being a leeetle neurotic, I know. DD is 7 and about 3 weeks ago I noticed a spot on her shoulder. It was quite large, ie a bit bigger than a zit, pear shaped and was basically white and solid. I caught it during bathtime and it hurt, turned red and I figured that would probably be the end of it.

Well dd still has it. It's not gone. I'd have thought it would by now.

I googled it, of course, and don't think it's serious, but it's been there such a long time (now just a red blotch to the shoulder) and I'd have thought it would have healed totally by now.

Does anyone know what it is??

I did think maybe it was wart related (we have warts to the hand) but it was a bit different and it's isolated.

Any ideas????

bramblebooks Sun 28-Sep-08 22:48:52

is it molluscum ?

OhWellNeverMind Sun 28-Sep-08 22:50:34

I was going to suggest molluscum contagiousum (sp?) as well.

Google it and see what you think. If it is that it is harmless and will go away of it's own accord.

squilly Wed 01-Oct-08 09:47:23

Thanks for this. I thought molluscum's just that there's only one spot.

I know I'm being a bit over PFB-ish about all this, and usually I'm really laid back about my dd and illness, but every now and again I have a little panic.

It doesn't help that she's so pale!!! People often ask me if she's tired/ill but she's just one of those pale and interesting types I think

I've resisted the panic, mainly cos I googled and figured that nothing drastic came up (how sad am I?) but I guess I just wanted reassurance that I was right not to panic.

Thanks again for the reassurance!

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