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pain in ear while swimming

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summer111 Sun 28-Sep-08 17:08:52

My nine year old ds complained of a sharpe pain in his ear half way through his swimming lesson both last sunday and today. He has been taking lessons for a couple of years now and has never had this problem before. He hasn't come down with a headcold and hasn't been complaining of earache since. Should I take him to the GP to check his ears out or just buy ear plugs and hope they work?
Any advice would be grateful.

strummer Mon 29-Sep-08 01:28:51

this is better than ear plugs, they normally sell them behind the counter in swimming pools too.

hellish Mon 29-Sep-08 02:20:31

Sounds like swimmers ear,(Otitis Externa) both dds had it this year. Does it hurt when he pulls on his ear?
You can get drops from GP / buy from chemist (GP ones much better)
Also try drops of half white vinegar half water.

summer111 Mon 29-Sep-08 19:30:03

Many thanks ladies,
I'm not sure if his ear hurt to pull on it, it seems fine now but this is exactly what happened last week too. The ear band looks like an easier option than ear plugs so am going to get one and give it a try!

summer111 Wed 08-Oct-08 17:04:32

just to let you know that the ear band-it was a great success at ds's lesson! No pain at all wink
thanks a million!

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