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Infectious after MMR??

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mummyc Fri 26-Sep-08 14:17:16

Thought this might have been asked before but couldn't find it... my DS is a bit under the weather and had his MMR 8 days ago, this afternoon he has a bit of a rash on his arms and around his eyes (is sleeping so can't check his trunk) and tomorrow we're supposed to be visiting a newborn (5 weeks). IF this is a reaction to the jab is he infectious or is it ok to let him near smaller babies as he is?


Seona1973 Fri 26-Sep-08 20:15:50

no he will not be infectious. From the mmr the facts website:

Post-immunisation symptoms are not infectious and therefore the child will not be infectious to non-immunised children.

A child who develops a measles type reaction following MMR is not infectious to other unimmunisation individuals. This is because the vaccine virus has been attenuated (i.e. weakened) so that it cannot cause the actual disease.

Similarly a very few children may develop a mild form of mumps about 3 weeks after the immunisation as the mumps part of the vaccine kicks in, these children are also not infectious.

mummyc Sun 28-Sep-08 16:33:37

thanks very much seona, sorry to be so slow replying. I have another problem now!

After a weekend of tears and high temperatures my DS then developed blisters on his tongue (he's also had red, hot, blotchy hands for a week or so, and a nasty cough) and I called our local OOH GPs and took him in - they say he has nasty tonsillitis and gave me penecillin (sp?) and a fever (which he's had all weekend and I'm trying to control with calpol and nurofen) but my DH who was with us didn't think the GP was actually listening to the symptoms I described and seemed a pit panicked by DS's temp and his crying.

Of course I feel totally sad that I've let him suffer for a couple of days thinking it was just his MMR, DH isn't so sure about the tonsillitis diagnosis and thinks it might just be MMR anyway. Is it possible that the penecillin will somehow affect the MMR vaccine? I'd hate to put DS through this again. By the way after forcing the penecillin down his little throat and some nurofen (which he actually enjoys, yuck) he got happy happy for a while and made us think he was totally fine (of course I know it's just his relief at his temp coming down)

Anyone any thoughts? Am so ridiculously stressed worrying about the wee mite. Also, we're having to negotiate who works what days this week as we've no help with childcare and that's clearly not the best way to be looking at this blush sad. Am wondering if I should be taking him to his GP tomorrow for another opinion. And of course DH who has had a 'sore throat' since the diagnosis.....hmm

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