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are febrile convulsions those little twitching things that last about 2 seconds? I am confused

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CrushWithEyeliner Thu 25-Sep-08 11:02:26

DD has had a jab and is experiencing a mild fever. As the temp was decreasing last night she did these little jumps in her sleep almost like a startle reflex which I have always done myself when feverish and so has she so I never thought much about them or worried.

However my Mum said that my sister did one where her eyes rolled back and they can be dangerous. I also rememeber the Dr who jabbed her (singles) said 5 % or something of children will experience febrile convulsions, like it was really rare. Can anyone shed any light - should I be worried?


Marina Thu 25-Sep-08 11:06:56

I have never seen a febrile convulsion myself as neither dc had them, but friends whose child was prone to them described them as being much more alarming than that.
I think your mum is right but mention it with the Health Visitor or GP to be sure.

muckypups Thu 25-Sep-08 11:10:02

Febrile convulsions are quite scary. My DD suffered from them and they are like fits. Her eyes rolled and her whole body shaked. Just before and after she would be very hot and limp. I learnt to tell when one was coming sometimes the calpol just couldnt control her tempreture but usually complete stripping of clothes and putting outside or in a cool bath stops them

muckypups Thu 25-Sep-08 11:10:44

Thats my DD not the clothes in the bath by the way grin

CrushWithEyeliner Thu 25-Sep-08 11:26:57

thanks all oh sounds scary mp

can any one else help on this?

muckypups Thu 25-Sep-08 11:32:11

Why dont you give the health visitor a ring. I know theese startle reflexs are very common but they will be the best to advise and put your mind at ease Meanwhile keep her temp controlled as advised and dont pile her with clothes. My DD would get very hot and lethargic before a convulsion and also not very responsive to my voice so you would def know the difference between a febrile and the twitches

Pheebe Thu 25-Sep-08 12:27:38

Children do twitch in their sleep all the time. In fact when they're falling asleep its a sign they are moving into a deeper sleep state. If it was the odd twitch and she was still in between whiles I wouldn't worry. Do you often watch her sleep? Do you know if she does this normally.

As others have said febrile convulsions are usually much more obvious than you describe but can present in many different ways, not always involving twitching.

A word with HV should put your mind at rest smile

CrushWithEyeliner Thu 25-Sep-08 13:35:17

thank you all so much x

DaphneMoon Thu 25-Sep-08 13:48:52

My DS had a febrile convulsion at the age of about 3 and a half yo. It was truly awful and I would not want anyone to go through with it. He had a bad cold and his temp shot up before I could do anything about it. I remember him sitting on the bed putting his PJ's on and he looked really poorly. I lifted him up and stood him on the floor and he just fell over and started fitting. He was dribbling out of his mouth and rolling his eyes and not aware of what was happening around him. My XH thought he had a stroke. We ended up calling an ambulance and taking him to hospital. He has always suffered with high temps with illnesses and I know now to look out for this. I have put him in cool baths and everything to try and prevent it happening again. Thankfully he is 8 now so is more able to control his body temp. I would say that the jumping was prob her body falling asleep. Ask your HV or doctor to put your mind at rest.

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