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Immediate reactions to MMR - am interested in your experiences

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snickersnack Wed 24-Sep-08 22:08:43

ds had his yesterday. He's been very jolly all day but woke last night screaming in a most out of character way - went on for about 45 minutes until we wrapped him in a blanket and sat him in front of a Teletubbies DVD (NHS Direct's idea, not ours!). He was totally inconsolable, thrashing around, not really registering our presence. But was fine this morning. But then tonight at bedtime we had the same thing - much screaming before he crashed out. Is this something anyone else has had? Or do I just put it down to coincidence and one of those random things toddlers do?

BlueBumedFly Thu 25-Sep-08 13:45:54

Poor you snickers, how upsetting for you all.

I must say I have never heard of that sort of reaction but they all do things in their own way. Could it be a coincidence and could he be teething as well?

DD was as grumpy as anything for 2 weeks after her jab and she did become much more clingy, for a velcro baby that is quite a feat! Thinking about it about 3 weeks after the jab she started to wake every night (having been a 7/7 baby all her life) and this went on for about 3 weeks. Not so much when I put her down, usually about 3am. I just put it down to a lot of changes and unsettledness and thankfully she has gone through the night for the last week.

Have you heard of night terrors? This is what I put DDs down to in the end. When she was screaming she did not really seem awake if that makes sense although her eyes were open. Night terrors come and go until they are quite old I think, perhaps have a look at this website and see if it makes any sense?

Other than that I wish you well with him, perhaps it is coincidence, perhaps he is just feeling off colour and therefore does not want to be left?

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