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Advice on strange eye problem with dd - squint? Nervous tic? Sight problem? Or what?

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AnarchyAunt Wed 24-Sep-08 18:23:50

DD is 5.6, not in proper school yet (HE/kindergarten, so no school eye test). Its six months or so since the first time I ever noticed it, but has come and gone since then and is only in the last eight weeks it has become very obvious.

She sort of looks up and to the side, then scrunches her eyes shut for a second. Its most frequent when she is tired, when reading bedtime stories she does it every few minutes, and a few times an hour during the day.

She sometimes says when asked that her eyes feel 'gritty', but sometimes says she doesn't know she is doing it.

She has had a couple of 'tics' before - throat clearing for a few months last winter, and head tossing on and off since toddlerhood (though that has stopped recently).

Poor eyesight runs in my family, but as far as I can tell she has no trouble focussing or seeing teeny tiny things, and can look at the writing in a book from a normal distance.

Just wondered what anyone might suggest first - GP, optician, treat as a tic?

AnarchyAunt Wed 24-Sep-08 18:42:29


clayre Wed 24-Sep-08 18:48:56

i thought dd had a problem with her eye sight at 3 and i mentioned it to the health visitor, she said the dr would test her eyes, dr said they were fine, i asked an opition to check them they said they wouldnt cos the dr said they were fine, 2 years later at nursery her eyes were tested, turns out her sight is terrible.

At one of her appointments i got htem to check ds eyes cos i noticed he was screwing up his face to see things far away and his eye sight is worse than dd's and had i left his another 2 years it would have been alot worse.

Anyhoo i would contact nearest childrens eye clinic.

AnarchyAunt Wed 24-Sep-08 18:57:53

Hmmm. I wear glasses, have done since five, and I remember not being able to see properly and complaining about it before I got them. I'm fairly sure she is not short sighted, but will get her to an optician to check in that case - I know there are other sight issues as well.

AnarchyAunt Thu 25-Sep-08 12:16:19

Other ideas anyone?

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