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Toddler with hacking cough - nay suggestions for making the night easier?

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Klio Wed 24-Sep-08 17:57:00

Title says it all really! Ds has had a bad cold, the first one of the winter, and it has pretty much cleared up but he has a really bad, hacking cough today. I was wondering if anyone could suggest something to help make the night easier for him. Went to pharmacist earlier and they said that over the counter remedies don't really do anything and were a waste of money! Any ideas?

GordonTheGopher Wed 24-Sep-08 17:58:39

Raise his bed so his head is higher.

Try to make the room steamy.

Cough medicines don't do anything.

TheBlonde Wed 24-Sep-08 18:00:45

olbas oil

Claire236 Wed 24-Sep-08 18:36:29

ds is very prone to coughs for some reason & I find hot blackcurrant with some honey in it eases him enough to help him sleep.

Klio Wed 24-Sep-08 18:38:35

Thank you for the suggestions, I will try them out and hopefully he shouldn't be too miserable overnight!

memoo Wed 24-Sep-08 18:45:27

Get some Medised, the kids one. it is the best thing ever invented. It has a very mild sedative in it to help aid sleep.

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