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asthma attack in 3 yr old

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mamatilly Mon 22-Sep-08 21:31:16

DS had full on attack yesterday, we both spent the night in hospital while he received treatment every hour.

he did have afew attacks last winter requiring a nebuliser but this was enough.

so am worrying that this winter it might be even more serious, he has had a cold for afew days and it just hit his chest yesterday.

it seems that he is vulnerable to asthma whenever he is suffering from cough/cold etc. so heartbreaking to see him all curled up on hospital bed unable to speak or run.

any ideas on preventative measures i can take???

pointydog Mon 22-Sep-08 21:49:43

I take it your ds takes a preventative inhaler daily?

dd2 needs to increase her dosage in autumn/winter and especially when colds threaten as that is her trigger too.

Do you go to regular gp/asthma nurse clinics? Does he use a peak flow or is 3 too young?

mamatilly Mon 22-Sep-08 21:54:40

we just started using becotide as preventative 2 weeks ago, when it became abit colder... hospital today advised a dose of 2 puffs twice a day... maybe should be even more when suffering from a cold?? plus afew ventolin puffs too???

our surgery doesn't have a specific asthma clinic so am gonna go see a gp there tomorrow.

i feel out of my depth with it all right now and that i need to get on the case fast now that colder weather approaching.

pointydog Mon 22-Sep-08 22:04:58

yes, go to your gp and get a clear plan re medication. If hospital said two puffs a day, I'd stick with that throughout the autumn and winter. They're the experts. The ventolin only helps when the airways are already aggravated. Encouyrage ds to tell you how it feels when he has an attack so that you can react early on. It took me a while to understand the full implications of the symptoms dd was trying to describe, if that makes any sense.

Stay calm - it's very early days with teh becotide programme and in my experience, medical people do always take asthma concerns seriously and deal with them swiftly.

mamatilly Mon 22-Sep-08 22:15:42

thankyou pointydog, good to hear that medical folk will be serious..i will speak to gp tomorrow and hopefully develop an action plan from there.


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