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Is this teething? (Don't read this if you're eating!)

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likessleep Mon 22-Sep-08 13:16:20

My 11 month old DS has had diarrhea now for 10 days. Has been many different colours and very mucousy at times. They've been explosive and wet.
We went to Doctor last week, who said to see if it improves by itself. It hasn't and we are dropping off sample to check for any tummy bugs.
He is otherwise well in himself, eating/drinking well and full of smiles and giggles and not dehydrated.
Just these very explosive and wet nappies.
He does keep getting a red cheek too. He has no teeth yet and I can't feel anything coming through. Also bad nappy rash.
Can teething related diarrhea go on this long does anyone know?
I feel like I am bothering the Doctor with this, but surely watery poos for over a week needs looking into, or am I being a bit PFB mum over it?

likessleep Mon 22-Sep-08 15:46:34


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