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dd1 has a lump in her!

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cutekids Mon 22-Sep-08 09:22:37

She showed it me yesterday.
It's about the size of a pea.
Sore to touch.
Kind of pink and shiny.
Feels quite hard.
Unfortunately,she fell on it yesterday too so it's even more inflamed.I looked at it in daylight today and it's a tiny bit yellowy but it is still quite hard.
I've sent her to school but she does say it feels "stiff".Anyone know what it could be?

cutekids Mon 22-Sep-08 09:30:41

any doctors out there?

cutekids Mon 22-Sep-08 09:34:10


cutekids Mon 22-Sep-08 09:48:23

anyone out there who can reassure me...please

misdee Mon 22-Sep-08 09:49:55

no idea what it is.

i was prone to lumps on my knee as a child, but they were bigger. doc checked it and deemed them nothing to worry about.

would take to docs if concerend.

missingtheaction Mon 22-Sep-08 09:51:07

stop panicking, just take her to the doctor after school. It could be a cyst, an infected splinter, a wart, anything.

cutekids Mon 22-Sep-08 09:54:07


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